Image: Simpsons have it Wrong

Simpsons have it Wrong

I’m hoping I wasn’t the basis for the awesome Simpson’s Doctor!

The only problem is that it’s not true! Doctors are like plumbers: the more we screw up the MORE we get paid! It’s a wonderful system from my end. Some regulations are going into effect to try to stop the incentive to make you sicker so you stay in the hospital longer, but I’m dubious they will be terribly effective. And if you die? We still get paid by Medicare!

One thought on “Image: Simpsons have it Wrong

  1. I like this idea. As you said before if a Doctor tells a patient “eat better, eat less and exercise more” although it is the truth they’ll probably refuse to pay you. I watched the movie “Sicko” by Michael Moore and he showed an interesting point about the British system. Doctors are paid a fixed fee depending on various factors but the really interesting point was that the Doctor can get extra pay for getting a patient to stop smoking or losing weight. Get extra pay for actually getting results, very interesting. There is no money in curing people or solving problems just ask Pharmaceutical Industry or Congress.


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