Link: Mammograms Revisited

Mammograms Revisited

This is the third rail in medicine.  Anyone who touches it fears getting emasculated by the Komen foundation.  More and more data, however, shows the risks of overdiagnosis.  I remember harassing women like Marie Myung-Ok Lee   into getting mammograms.  Now I am thoroughly embarrassed about my previous overconfidence.  Like many things in medicine, the benefits are oversold and the risks minimized.  It’s OK to question your doctor and common wisdom.  Good for you Marie!

2 thoughts on “Link: Mammograms Revisited

  1. Right on! Much solid evidence against mammography is known (read “The Mammogram Myth” by Rolf Hefti). To find out what really goes on one must examine the information the mammogram industry isn’t telling the public.


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