Your Doctor is making you FAT

I’ve had this suspicion for awhile: antibiotics make you fat!  Nice article by Pagan Kennedy about the history of antibiotic use in livestock.  It’s been well known that feeding animals antibiotics makes them gain weight quickly.  How it works?  No one knows but here’s a newsflash:  HUMANS ARE ANIMALS.  And we doctors prescribe a ton of antibiotics.  Are we making your kids fat with all those amoxicillin prescriptions for ear infections?  The NNT (number needed to treat) for ear infections is at least 6 and probably higher.  Antibiotics for strep throat?  All day long we do this to prevent non-existent risk of Rheumatic Fever (in the US).  Check out the article and leave some comments.  Look forward to an upcoming post about the Rheumatic fever / Strep throat story.