Your Doctor is making you FAT

I’ve had this suspicion for awhile: antibiotics make you fat!  Nice article by Pagan Kennedy about the history of antibiotic use in livestock.  It’s been well known that feeding animals antibiotics makes them gain weight quickly.  How it works?  No one knows but here’s a newsflash:  HUMANS ARE ANIMALS.  And we doctors prescribe a ton of antibiotics.  Are we making your kids fat with all those amoxicillin prescriptions for ear infections?  The NNT (number needed to treat) for ear infections is at least 6 and probably higher.  Antibiotics for strep throat?  All day long we do this to prevent non-existent risk of Rheumatic Fever (in the US).  Check out the article and leave some comments.  Look forward to an upcoming post about the Rheumatic fever / Strep throat story.



7 thoughts on “Your Doctor is making you FAT

  1. I question this source’s credentials. I know they use antibiotics in raising livestock because their living conditions are so horrible they are bound to spread diseases among one another, and they use growth hormones to make them fatter and grow faster… lots of things make you fat- bad foods make you fat, not excersising makes you fat, having thyroid problems or other metabolic problems makes you fat etc. MOST people who are over weight just need a lifestyle change.
    over prescribing antibiotics is bad, no question- but there seems to be a leap here between antiobiotics, their use in farm raising animals, and obesity in humans.
    Im usually with you Nick, but I just cant swallow this one.
    ❤ ❤


  2. I tried to leave a comment earlier and I guess it go deleted. I question this source’s credentials.
    I think a lot of things make people fat- not excersing, over eating, having metabolic or thyroid problems etc.
    Its known that factory farmers pump their animals full of antibiotics because their living conditions are so horrendeous that theyre bound to spread illness among one another, but it is also known that they are given growth hormones to be made fatter and grow faster. I just feel like its a leap between antibiotics and obesity here- the growth hormones and the animals inability to move around seem more related to their size, where as the antibiotics keep them alive long enough for them to grow to a size large enough to kill for eating (want to be a vegetarian yet??)
    Normally Im with you Nick, but I cant swallow this one 😦
    ❤ ❤


    I Don’t disagree with any of the other things you mention, I just thought it was an interesting association. The theory is that overuse of antibiotics (in humans) changes the mircrobiome and alters metabolism causing obesity. I posted it more as “just another reason” to not overprescribe antibiotics.



    • Only food gives you mass. What you or your body does with it determines your weight. You cannot create mass from air. Therefore food makes you fat. It can be influenced by exercise and drugs and more food. If you take antibiotics and don’t eat you cannot get fat. Kind of like saying if the sun shines it is warm. But the point of targeting the wrong factor in health care is certainly an overwhelming reality that not that many or not enough realize.

      I will certainly continue to read your articles Dr Sartor.

      Thanks Ron


      • Thanks Ron. I love your deductive reasoning: “therefore food makes you fat!” The idea is that if you kill all of your “good” bacteria when you’re a kid you change the microbiome (all the 3-6 pounds of bacteria that live on and in you). Those 3-6 pounds of bacteria eat a lot. That might be the reason some people say they have a “low metabolism” and others can eat whatever they want – The bacteria eat the extra.

        Now as far as making mass from air: Air does have mass! Lot’s of it in fact. Pick up a dive tank full of compressed AIR and you will feel how heavy it is. Air is mostly Nitrogen and Oxygen, both of which way something.

        And of course HOT AIR is lighter than cold air which is probably why I weigh less than you 🙂

        Dr. Nick


  3. I’m sorry you took it this way. If you put nothing in (as in food) and you destroy the 3 pounds of bacteria you will become fat? Bottom line is food and the overconsumption of it gives you more mass. But if you burn as many calories as you put in your mouth you will not gain weight. Try another one 4 – 4 = 0. However if the – factor is made less powerful say due to antibiotics and it can only take -3 then you will have more mass. Air and mass was not intended to be a scientific fact it was more of a metaphor for the point of nothing in nothing out. The tank of air with 3000psi weights as much as 40 pounds but I don’t know how much of it is the steel or aluminum? But I am sure the air does not weigh much. I’m glad you responded so quickly but your derogatory insult to someone who takes the time to pose another idea not only alienates your supporters but shows your arrogance. I hope my lessor intelligence is not to menial as to cause you to ignore my comments or perhaps it is best that I just stop reading your site?


    • Sorry Ron I didn’t mean to flame you. Obviously if an intelligent guy like you doesn’t understand my poor humor I need to work on the responses better.

      The point of the antibiotic article was that animals who are fed antibiotics gain weight faster. So much so that the industry routinely puts it in feed just for that effect. The question is: is the same thing happening to humans? And if so then why?

      People often tell me “but I don’t eat much, why am I gaining weight?” I believe them but I don’t know why they would have “slow metabolism.” Maybe antibiotics are part of the picture?

      The reason this topic is on my blog is to just bring up that doctors do a lot of stuff (like prescribe antibiotics without a good reason) without knowing ALL the possible consequences.

      Sorry you took my comment the wrong way – was just trying to be funny. Guess I better not give up my day job!

      Please keep the comments coming and I’ll keep working on getting out good info.

      Dr. Nick


      • Thank you! In the fish industry antibiotic use is regulated by the government. But I never thought it would provide another way to increase production by weight. We have always been more concerned with residual antibiotics being passed on to the consumer and creating antibiotic resistance. As I said before I think your ideas about focusing on things that are promoted by drug companies can be construed to influence their use without real proof. Very much enjoy reading and learning from your website. Thank you!

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