This work started back in 2007 while I was sitting on our sailboat somewhere in South America hanging out with Kuna Indians and hearing remotely about Wall Street Crashing.  I initially envisioned a book along the lines of Nortin Hadler’s  The Last Well Person on Earth or Gilbert Welch’s Overdiagnosed, but as I picked and picked at it over the years I realized a blog format might disseminate the information better, at least in the short term.  I do hope to polish it into a longer work at some point and greatly appreciate any comments, criticisms or questions.  Please leave your comments on the blog and I’ll address them as well as I can.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear old (never to be seen) friend Nick:
    Going through the mindless controversy in my email about herbicides, etc. in and around your old hideout I happened to see the link to your instructive and interesting blog on “Your Doctor is Killing You.” That reminded me of our many discussions on this issue over a shot of Scotch some years ago when you used to stop by. I hope you will do that again whenever you are “back in town.”

    On lines similar to your concern about who is killing who, I have been concerned for the past quarter of a century about the human and social cost of violence in contemporary American and global society. Inconsequential as this concern may have been, I have expressed it in some small measures through teaching, research, and writing. My recently started blog provides a small window into that effort. I thought as a socially conscious physician you might be interested to see it. Here is the link

    I will revisit your blog in the near future. With best wishes to you, Carolyn, and Kegan,

    As ever, Aqueil


    • Aqueil,
      Thanks for your thoughtful (as always) comments. I’ve probably taken an overly aggressive approach as an outlet for my cynicism and despair and I suspect your’s will be more measured. That said, if I can stimulate some discussion it’s all meant as good fun. You will be happy to learn that a recent study from Israel shows a measured approach to alcohol consumption was proven to modestly benefit diabetics. In other words – good scotch and good conversation are good for your health!
      Coming to NC in March for Spring Break. I look forward to seeing you and your bride.


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